PSA is a French company, worldwide reference in the development and manufacture of innovative and safe specialty chemical solutions for the industry, and particularly for the civil and military aviation sector.

Together with the Callington Group of companies, PSA reports more than 55 years of recognized expertise in chemical solutions for disinsection, disinfection and hygiene, cleaning, surface preparation, manufacturing and maintenance.

Today, PSA has a strong foothold in civil and defence aerospace, and operates in various key demanding and regulated sectors, with highly specified, technical and safe products.

With a strong focus on environmental and sustainability issues, and a clear dedication to quality and excellence, PSA responsibly develop specialty chemical solutions supporting a safer world by preventing the spread of diseases, ensuring cleanliness and welfare, protecting People and valuable assets, and improving manufacturing processes.


Global supplier of choice of innovative and safe chemical solutions, PSA is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company whose products comply with international industry technical specifications and approvals, including Airbus, Boeing, and Military Specifications, so as to biocidal, toxicological and environmental regulations.

PSA office building in Collegien (FR-77) includes a dedicated state-of- the-art product development and testing laboratory. Our expert chemists collaborate on a daily basis with the other research and development laboratories and teams of the Callington Group of companies in India, Thailand and Australia, to bring to our customers the greatest combination of chemical expertise into improved and new leading innovative solutions.


With many available formulas for insecticides, repellents, cleaners and disinfectants, soaps and hygine products, strippers, degreasers, descalers … in multiple formats (aerosols, bottles, sprays, jerrycans or IBC, wipes, etc.), and for various applications in different sectors, PSA must meet the challenge of responsive and adaptive production, always cost-effective and as much as possible close to its customers.

Production is carried out with recent and modern capabilities, at Callington-PSA owned sites so as with specified and controlled production with long term partner third party manufacturers.

With productions majorly in France, Europe and Tunisia, PSA also operates with remote stock centres in various regions of the world to efficiently serve its customers over the 5 continents.


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