We are a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, global partner to the aviation and defense sectors, and also to niche sectors in manufacturing, health, care and retail markets.

As a family operated business our fundamental belief is to make a difference with and for our people, our customer’s businesses and these markets in which we operate worldwide, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Our defined mission, vision and esteemed values, reinforced by clear internal policies, together form the shared framework of our culture, which is core to the way we operate our business.

Every day, we responsibly develop specialty chemical solutions supporting a safer world, preventing the spread of diseases, ensuring cleanliness and welfare, protecting People and valuable assets, and improving manufacturing processes.

Committed to our Social Responsibility, both at environmental and social levels, we combine technological expertise and innovation, with sustainable world class manufacturing and process excellence.

With the clear vision to become the global supplier of choice of innovative and safe chemical solutions to the civil and military aviation sectors for all key applications of cleaning, disinfection and disinsection, for personal protection and hygiene, as well as for aircraft maintenance, we deliver a professional, responsive expert service to our customers at all time.

With the customers’ success in mind and to strengthen long lasting and mutual beneficial relationships, our action is efficient and responsible, and demonstrate our commitment to quality and excellence. Our suppliers and service providers are real partners with whom we builds trusted long-term relationships.

Innovation plays a key focus in developing safe quality products. We continue to use cutting edge solutions when developing the next generation products for our customers, with the highest focus on sustainability.

Because our employees are key players enabling the company to achieve its ambitions and on whom this Quality and Continuous Improvement approach depends, PSA makes every effort to give them the means to perform their tasks through personal development, tailored training, continuous development and the pooling of technical knowledge and sharing of experience.

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. We promote a trusting and respecting working environment across the board. Our people are open, supportive and communicative, enjoying working together and with our customers and key stakeholders.

Inseparable values, for our teams, on the path to sustainable Excellence