We are a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, global partner to the aviation and defence sectors, and also to niche sectors in manufacturing, health, care and retail markets.

As a family operated business our fundamental belief is to make a difference with and for our people, our customer’s businesses and these markets in which we operate worldwide, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

With ambitious vision and business development objectives, PSA is growing and focusing on a daily basis on creating and developing innovative safe products and solutions for its customers, with an effective, customer-service-centric supply chain.

PSA commitment to its Social Responsibility, both at environmental and social levels, remains core in its everyday operations and activities, and to achieve this vision.

Since 2020, PSA is yearly assessed by ECOVADIS on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and is rated with Platinum Medal since 2021, positioning PSA in the top 1% of rated companies in the sector.


Our CSR policy describes our efforts to give back to the world what it gives us. It is based on the two pillars of environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility, and on two principles of compliance and proactivity.

We operate with a long term vision and policies which includes employee’s development, social engagement, areas for innovation, day-to-day operational and environmental improvement for safer operations and products.

For this, we contemplate the ‘safe’ objective from the angle of the sustainability and the safety for people, for the environment, and for the assets of our customers using our products and services.



“TAKE CARE” is our Responsibility and Sustainability roadmap

  • Taking care of our people
  • Taking care of our customers and their own customers.
  • Taking care of the environment

Initiated in 2019, this roadmap regroups our policies, commitments and initiatives on the following key 4 axis:



The key drivers and milestones of our “TAKE CARE” roadmap since its creation are :

° Implication of all teams in PSA, which shared objectives and actions involving everyone.

° Implication of third parties: our suppliers for ingredients and components ; and our long-term-partner third-part manufacturers completing Callington-PSA manufacturing capabilities worldwide.

° Actions & indicators related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

° Bio-conception or ‘re-conception’ for our chemical solutions and their evolutions.

° Calculation of our Corporate Carbon Footprint and Product Carbon Footprint, with the view to drive our actions and highly participate to building trusted long-term relationships with our customers and third-parties.

° Wellbeing and training for our employees.

° Annual CSR evaluation and sustainability rating of our company and operations.



For PSA customers and for the environment, it means : Development and re-conception of ranges of products, specifically formulated focusing on key safety and environmental aspects (biodegradable formulations, exclusion of certain ingredients, bio-sourced ingredients…) ; More concentrated formulations, allowing for optimised logistics and versatile use ; New formats, with new recyclable packaging and first products with packaging made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic ; The possibility to move forwards in their own sustainability commitment and carbon footprint measurements and reduction : In June 2023, PSA is the first Aviation Chemical Manufacturer offering Aircraft Approved solutions, with calculated Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offset for Carbon Neutral Products:



Discover our Initiatives and Investments in Product Carbon Footprint Compensation :


For PSA employees, it particularly means : A budget for training & skill building greater than 3% of payroll ; A focus on empowerment and increased involvement and internal collaboration, with information sharing and accountability fostered through key sharing meetings on priorities, achievements and progresses, with short, medium & long term vision ; A Human Resources policy favouring alternating study as a way to integrate our workforce, and a control of turnover, age and diversity of employees in the company ; A pleasant working environment ; Increased dematerialized processes to simplify the main internal administrative procedures ; Regular corporate social events with challenges & team building ; Waste sorting and reduction in all premises ; Increased awareness of the environmental impact of their individual and collective activities in and for PSA.

In addition to his initiative on Product Carbon Footprint, PSA is also calculating its yearly Corporate Carbon Foot print (Scope 1, Scope 2 and partial Scope 3) since 2019, and is now also compensating this Carbon Footprint.



For our suppliers and key third parties : The development and the signing of a Charter for Sustainable Purchasing and Development ; Cooperation and involvement in the development of more sustainable solutions (propellent gases, ingredients, components and primary and secondary packaging, logistics) ; Shared work on PSA Product Carbon Footprint calculations ; The development and reinforcement of long-term partnerships ; PSA promoting and developing the use of supported employment workplace and adapted companies (ESATs, Associations for the disabled, Prisoners…) for some necessary operations involving sorting, re-processing, labeling, cleaning of premises, gardening, or local deliveries.

PSA has not yet signed the United Nations Global Compact, but it has undertaken, in the meantime, to respect it and to move towards an ever more structured approach, with the aim of a strong Agenda 21 meanings and actions.