Produits Sanitaires Aéronefs – PSA is a French company, expert in the development and manufacturing of innovative safe specialty chemical solutions for disinfection, disinsection, maintenance and servicing in transport and industrial sectors, and particularly for the civil and military aviation. PSA has also a great recognized expertise in products for in-flight hygiene (soap, disinfectant wipes, odor treatment…), personal passenger and crew protection and care (insect repellents for skin and clothing, individual wipes, precaution & emergency sanitary kits, additional survival kits…)

Requirements from the very demanding and highly regulated aviation sector, in terms of safe non-flammable formulations, efficacy, toxicity and compatibility with materials, allow PSA products to be recognized and widely used for years in many different activities in industries and tertiary sectors (other airport activities, terrestrial and maritime transports, oil platforms, gas industries, automotive industries, but also hotels, health and care sectors, etc.).

Recognized expert in France and in the world for the last 55 years, PSA participates on a daily basis, with its wide range of products, packaging, equipment and application procedures, to the fight against biohazard and vector-based diseases, and to the protection of passengers and professionals of all of these sectors in their activities.

PSA is headquartered in Seine et Marne, France (77), in Collégien – Marne-la-Vallée, on a site incorporating more than 3,000 m2 of offices, Research and Development laboratories and an integrated logistics warehouse. With productions majorly in France, Europe and Tunisia, PSA also operates with remote stock centers in various regions of the world and own teams working at the heart of international markets, to serve efficiently its customers over the 5 continents. In its chosen sectors of activity, PSA plans to grow further in the coming years in particular through the launch of new innovative ranges of expert solutions, the registration of new biocide products, as well as through the strengthening of specific partnerships and the development of its presence in sectors others than civile and defense aviation.



PSA collaborates with over 200 public and private companies of the aeronautical sector, aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, etc.), OEMs (Thales, Safran, etc.), specific industries and key institutional stakeholders involved in international and national aviation, public health, biocidal and environmental recommendations and regulations (WHO, IATA, ICAO, EU, Agencies for Food, Agriculture, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), etc.).

A certain number of armies and security forces also use PSA solutions on a daily basis, of which its insecticides and latest-generation repellents for skin and clothing, its disinfectant cleaning products and related equipment for protecting armed forces deployed in operational areas and its different corps in their daily activities.

PSA products are generally subject to registration, national sales and marketing authorizations, in Europe and other regions of the world, and systematically subject to validation of multi-material compatibility, tests for aeronautical aptitudes and certifications, as such guaranteeing safety for their users.

In addition to its values of Professionalism, Responsiveness, Attention to Customer needs and Innovation, PSA integrates the following key criteria into all its solutions and new development projects:

– proven efficacy by testing against recognized standards and various specialty homologations.

– easy and fast application of the product, considering specific constraints of the sector, place and conditions of use.

– compliance with and ongoing adjustment to national and international biocidal, toxicological and environmental regulations.

PSA considers its quality approach, fruit of a collective effort, as one of its strengths and one of its engines for growth. PSA has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006, and currently under the 2015 version.

Focusing on a clear vision of being the reference provider and centralized source for its chosen market sectors, PSA delivers a professional, expert service to its customers at all times.

Its suppliers and service providers are real partners with whom PSA builds trusted relationships.

Because its employees are key players enabling the company to achieve its ambitions and on whom this Quality and Continuous Improvement approach depends, PSA makes every effort to give them the means to perform their tasks through personal development, tailored training, continuous development and the pooling of technical knowledge and sharing of experiences.

Consequently, PSA is proactive and growing, focusing on a daily basis on the following key aspects:

– creation and development of innovative safe products and solutions.

– ambitious business development.

– effective, customer-service-centric Supply Chain.

– long term sustainable grow and development.

– commit to its social responsibility, both at environmental and social levels.

Since 2020, PSA is yearly assessed by ECOVADIS on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and is rated with Platinum Medal since 2021, positioning PSA in the top 1% of rated companies in the sector.

Mid-2018, on this shared vision, PSA joined its forces to the CALLINGTON Group of companies, another specialty chemical expert for global aviation and industry, to create a new world recognized leader, drawing on combined sector experience of over 90 years, with complementary ranges and presence on the 5 continents.