PSA is proud of its new product offerings, which are derived from internal expertise, extensive market research and customer feedback, combined with a determination to access new technology worldwide, providing innovative product & service solutions for our global customer network. Our advanced technology and our structured program of new product development, remain core elements of our business values.

Our Paris-Collégien premises include a state of the art laboratory for research and development, of more than 150m2. We possess highly qualified technical personnel, modern technology capabilities and have adopted a progressive approach to research and development.

Focused on specialty chemicals for aviation and industry, the expertise of our teams integrates a wide understanding and expertise of the constraints of these sectors, and particularly for the development of non-flammable and aircraft approved efficient solutions, subject to validation of multi-material compatibility, tests for aeronautical aptitudes and certifications, as such guaranteeing safety for their users.



Together with the Callington Group  of companies, PSA continues to invest significantly in research & development and our aspirations are to deliver unrivalled innovation through industry leading new product development initiatives.

Our laboratory daily collaborates with Callington’s other laboratories for product development and competence centres in India, Thailand and Australia. All together, we have developed a robust, in-house research and development program and we place great value on continuing to manufacture new, unique, safe and sustainable speciality chemical solutions.