Insect Repellents for Skin & Clothes

SKIN2P Body® and SCREEN2P Wear® insect repellent for skin and clothes form together the latest-generation all-in-one solution for Vector-Borne Personal Protection, and effective alternative to prophylactic treatments.

The aqueous based formulation of these biocides, tested by highly reputed European laboratories according to the latest standards and World Health Organization (WHO) protocols, have proven long-lasting efficacy against insects (mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies) vectors of diseases such as malaria, zika, dengue fever, leishmaniasis. In addition to their proven efficacy and comfort-of-use, the unique Icaridin based formulation of SKIN2P Body® and SCREEN2P Wear® allow them to be active much longer than formulas based on other usual active ingredients and is free from all of the many drawbacks associated in particular with DEET.

Our latest-generation all-in-one solution is used by many airlines, industrial companies, and armies around the world for protecting their staff.

SKIN2P Body®
SCREEN2P Wear® Icaridin
SKIN2P Body® & SCREEN2P Wear® Icaridin Kit
SKIN2P Body® & SCREEN2P Wear® Kit