DELUX’AIR Liquid Hand Soap

Soft cream soap for hands

  • PH neutral ; Gentle on skin.
  • Leaves the skin smooth, soft with a light residual scent.
  • Non-Flammable formula.
  • Various format, including 5L to refill soap dispensers.
  • 300ml bottles allows for more than 350 washes.
  • Double thread screw for compatibility with all generations of holders.
  • Free from :

Parabens                                    Triclosan

Siloxanes                                   Polyethylene

Formaldehyde                           Glycol (PEG) compounds

  • Soap formula free of EDTA – Biodegradable formulation.
  • Recyclable HDPE & PET bottles.
  • Calculated Carbon Footprint.

DELUX’AIR is a soft cream soap for hands. Gentle on skin, it can be used several times per day. It has been originally specially designed for use on board aircrafts, with an optimised viscosity and a formula free of EDTA for biodegradability. The various formats allow for use in all toilettes of aircrafts and airport lounges. DELUX’AIR can also be used in fixed refillable dispensers.

Screw bottle is designed to be inserted into a tilted purpose made holder placed next the basin inside aircraft lavatories.

Flat base bottles can be placed where it suits.

Apply one pump of soap into your wet hands. Moisten with water, lather evenly over your hands and rinse well. Dry with a towel.

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Appearance: Viscous Liquid

Colour: White

Fragrance: Green tea standard

pH: Neutral

Flammability: Non-flammable

Shelf life: 24 months (before opening), 12 months (after opening)

CodeProductUnits/cartonCarton Weight (Kg)Carton dimensions (cm)CO2/unit (EXW Paris)
AR0006274 1 litre bottle1224 x 32 x 2913Coming soon
AR00062735 litres jerrycan437,5 x 28 x 3021Coming soon
AR0006419250ml PET square bottle Flat bottom3639 x 39 x 19,510Coming soon
AR0006705300ml HDPE round bottle Screw base3639 x 39 x 19,511Coming soon
AR0006354300ml HDPE round bottle Flat bottom3639 x 39 x 19,511Coming soon