FRESH+CLEAN Air Freshener Spray

Aircraft Approved 3-in-1 Air Freshener

Cleans, Refreshes and Deodorises

  • Non-flammable – safe to use in aircraft.
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive formulation – will not cause corrosion.
  • Complies with International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a non-restricted item.
  • Available in a range of regionally inspired fragrances.
  • Biodegradable formula.
  • 100% post-consumer recycled RPET bottle.
  • Calculated and Compensated Carbon Footprint.

Fresh+Clean is a versatile aircraft approved 3-in-1 surface cleaner, air freshener and deodoriser. It is designed for easy use by both cabin crew and line maintenance cleaning specialists, both as a cabin spray and surface spray. It counteracts and nullifies unpleasant odours from the toilet and cabin area.

Fresh+Clean is available with various fragrances inspired by scents of various geographical regions (European, American, Oriental, Asian, etc.), with highly distinct, ever-so refined head, heart and core notes, and bearing unique identities.

• Effective surface cleaner for use in aircraft galleys, hand basins, toilets, cupboards, mirrors and passenger trays.

• Cabin air freshener.

• Deodoriser eliminating odours and bad smells.

When used as an air freshener or deodoriser, hold upright and pump spray 5 times.

For surface cleaning, spray directly onto the surface till wet. Wipe on surface evenly. You can wipe dry with a dry soft cloth.

° Boeing D6-7127

° AMS 1550

° Air France FITZ 58-063-01

Shelf life: 3 years.

Product CodeProductFormatCarton weight (Kg)Units /cartonCO2 /unit (EXW Paris)
4887/150Fresh+Clean Lemon Citrus150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887C/150Fresh+Clean Citrus Herbal150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887H/150Fresh+Clean Norwegian Spa150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887A/150Fresh+Clean Bakhur150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887B/150Fresh+Clean Bergamot & Neroli150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887D/150Fresh+Clean Cotton Flower150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887E/150Fresh+Clean Dreamline150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887F/150Fresh+Clean Floral Ascent150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg
4887I/150Fresh+Clean Wild Ylang150mL spray (100% RPET bottle)4.6240.137Kg