NFAI-Phenothrin (T)

NON FLAMMABLE AIRCRAFT INSECTICIDE PHENOTHRIN (1R-Trans Phenothrin)- Specially Formulated for Aeronautical Use

  • EU No. 528/2012 biocidal regulation approved (March 2019).
  • Non-flammable aerosol with dry diffusion for maximum efficacy.
  • Compliant with International Health Regulations’ (IHR), World Health Organization’s (WHO) & IATA’s recommendations.
  • Effective on many flying and crawling insects (Aedes, Anopheles, Culex Mosquitoes; Musca Domestica…) known as vectors of serious diseases (Malaria, Zika, Dengue…).
  • Compliant with aircraft manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • Available in various sizes, with single-shot or multi-shot nozzle, to optimize and perfectly adapt quantity of insecticide used aircraft.
  • Active ingredient: 2% w/w 1R-Trans Phenothrin (CAS 26046-85-5).
  • Propellant: HFO 1234ze – GWP<1 according to AR6 from IPCC.
  • Recyclable Aluminum can and plastic cap.
  • Calculated and Compensated Carbon Footprint.

NFAI-Phenothrin (T), Non Flammable Aircraft Insecticide Phenothrin (1R-Trans Phenothrin), is a non-flammable aircraft approved insecticide compliant with International Health regulations, WHO’s recommendations for biosecurity aircraft disinsection and the latest EU regulations. NFAI-Phenothrin (T) is used for cabin and holds pre-departure disinsection as well as any necessary on-arrival cabin and cargo holds aircraft disinsection methods.

Disinsection of the cabin, cockpit and cargo holds.

Product suitable for use in confined spaces.

Insecticide to be used in accordance with WHO’s recommended disinsection “pre-departure”, “pre-departure cargo holds”, “on-arrival” and “on-arrival cargo holds” methods.

Refer to your onboard manual for the number of cans to be used for each specific aircraft.

Air conditioning system should be switched off.

To be applied either as a one-shot or multi-shot aerosol, at a rate of 35g product 100m3 cabin volume.

Open all overhead and side-wall lockers and toilets.

‘Single-shot’ Aerosol: product is released completely, in one continuous spray. Suitable for cabin and large cargo hold treatment. Press hard on the tab until it locks. After activation (tab locked), the cannister must be held at the lowest part of its body in a vertical position, at arm’s length at shoulder level. Walk through the cabin spraying at a rate of 1 step or 1 row of seats per second (equivalent to an average of 1g per second). Direct the spray towards the ceiling and slightly behind the user until it is completely empty.

‘Multi-shot’ Aerosol: multiple-use actuator, suitable to complete treatment of small areas: cockpit, crew rest and small bulk treatment. Press the actuator, holding the aerosol vertically. Keep pressed until the right quantity is released, spraying at an average discharge rate of 1g per second. Press the actuator 3 to 4 seconds, per 10m3 of cabin volume.

Aerosol product:

° AMS 1450

° BSS 7434

° Airbus CML applications 11ABB2, 11ADC1

° Air France FITS 58-058-01

° NATO NSN: 6840-14-6023808 (30g Multi-Shot)

6840-14-5947644 (40g One-Shot)

6840-14-5874817 (60g One-Shot)

° Approved on March 27th, 2019, as a biocidal product as part of EU Biocidal Products Regulation N°528/2012.

Active ingredient:

° Assessed by WHO as part of the IPCS (Int’l Programme on Chemical Safety)

° Approved as per the EU Biocidal Products Regulation N°528/2012, for use as product type 18 (Directive n° 2013/41/UE).

Aspect: Colourless to slightly yellow liquid

Fragrance: Characteristic – Peach fragrance

Flammability: Non-flammable

Packaging: Recyclable aluminium can. Resistance to pressure up to 18 bars

Flow rate: Between 0.8 & 1.2 g/s as per WHO recommendations

Shelf life: 2 years

Product CodeProduct SizeNozzleVolume treated (m3)Units/cartonCO2/unit (EXW Paris)
AR0006698NFAI-30T MULTI-SHOT (210 T/N) 30gMulti-shot90500.20Kg
AR0006700NFAI-40T ONE-SHOT (222 AT)40gSingle-shot120500.23Kg
AR0006701NFAI-60T MULTI-SHOT (222 T/N)60gMulti-shot170500.33Kg
AR0006702NFAI-60T ONE-SHOT (222 T/P)60gSingle-shot170500.33Kg
AR0006703NFAI-100T MULTI-SHOT (203 T/N)100gMulti-shot300250.41Kg
AR0006704NFAI-100T ONE-SHOT (203 T/P)100gSingle-shot300250.41Kg