Develops greater diesel engine and boiler combustion efficiency (9500)

  • Prevents build-up of tank’s bottom sludge.
  • Converts sludge already present to burnable fuel.
  • Ensures cleaner tanks, lines, strainers, preheaters, and burners.
  • Provides more uniform flow of fuel oil to burner for best possible combustion.
  • Inhibits corrosion in fuel system
  • Recovers tank capacity with no interruption of plant operations.
  • Improves combustion efficiency and fuel efficiency.
  • Reduces air pollution by minimising the discharge of unburned hydrocarbons.
  • Minimises residue formation.
  • Removes old, built-up residue formations.
  • Lower stack temperature.
  • Eliminates tube plugging in boilers.
  • Prevents corrosion of metal surfaces when using fuels with high vanadium and sulfur content.
  • Keeps equipment clean including nozzles, injectors, valves, pistons, tanks etc.

RoxDiesel® Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment is a concentrated treatment for heavy fuel oils and marine diesel fuels. It develops greater diesel engine and boiler combustion efficiency, reducing smoke and soot and reducing fuel consumption.

RoxDiesel® Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment controls the problems of sulfur, vanadium and sodium in fuel oil by inhibiting the formation of molten vanadium compound deposits and neutralising the formulation of sulphur trioxide.

RoxDiesel® Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment promotes greater cleanliness in burner nozzles, fuel storage tanks, circulating lines, feed pumps, and strainer screens.

See Technical Data Sheet for methods of application.

See Technical Data Sheet for dosage instructions.

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Appearance: Dark Brown coloured liquid

Specific Gravity: 0.88 at 20°C

Flash Point: 62°C (PM CC)