Improves Lubricity of Ultra Sulfur MGO

  • Significant increase in lubricity at a low treat rate.
  • Effective for all low sulfur, low lubricity marine fuels.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Greater longevity of engine components, usually affected by poor lubricity.

RoxDiesel® Lubricity Improver is specifically formulated to improve the lubricity of diesel fuel with poor lubricity. Fuels that do not have sufficient lubricity will lead to greater wear and tear on engine equipment, fuel pumps and injection equipment.

RoxDiesel® Lubricity Improver is a highly effective way of improving the lubricity of the fuel, measurable through the HFRR test procedure. Greater longevity of engine components and reduced maintenance costs will be observed.

See Technical Data Sheet for methods of application.

See Technical Data Sheet for dosage instructions.

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Appearance Colour: Light brown coloured liquid

Density: 0.91+/0.02

Transparency: Clear