PSA, first to offer Aircraft Approved products with Calculated Carbon Footprint and Offset for Carbon Neutral Products !

17 July 2023

During the WTCE 2023 (World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo) in Hamburg at the beginning of June, PSA unveiled the calculated footprints of various products and formats of its renowned ranges of chemical solutions for aircraft cleaning, insecticides, inflight hygiene and crew protection.

With this step forward in its ‘Take Care’ roadmap for sustainability and leadership, PSA is bringing to the market the first offer of multi-standard aircraft approved products, with calculated carbon footprint and carbon offset program for neutral products.

Carbon ‘compensation’, or ‘carbon offset’, opens great new fields for the environment. The availability of product carbon footprints is also a great tool for PSA, in its programs for product development and re-conception, particularly when focusing on safety and on environmental aspects, with points such as biodegradable formulations, bio-sourced ingredients, concentrated formulations, or new formats with new recyclable and recycled materials.

For the airlines and the various players of the aircraft cleaning and maintenance sectors, this now opens new possibilities to do more for their own sustainability commitments and their own carbon footprint measurements and reduction programs.

The concentrated multi-surface cleaner Ki-Kleen™, the disinfectant cleaner Ki-ose® in various concentrated and RTU formats, the famous Ki-ose Wipes®, the Non-Flammable Aircraft Insecticide Phenothrin (NFAI-T™), the Kilblat™ insecticide, the SKIN2P Body® and SCREEN2P Wear® insect repellents, and the unrivaled Fresh+Clean® air fresheners and Alizé™ latest generation foaming hand soap. These are some of the aircraft approved solutions for which PSA has been precisely calculating related carbon emissions EXW-Paris, in full compliance with the accounting and reporting standard for the product life cycle of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

PSA also calculated the carbon footprints of other products, like its solutions for maintenance and aircraft exterior cleaning, and for waste and water treatment systems. These will be also presented at the upcoming MRO Europe exhibition in Amsterdam in October 2023.

Since 2020, PSA is yearly assessed by ECOVADIS on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and is rated with Platinum Medal since 2021, positioning PSA in the top 1% of rated companies in the sector.