Aircraft Approved Biosecurity Insecticides

Our aircraft approved insecticides are non-flammable and comply with the latest standards and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for aircraft insecticides. Their use prevents the spread of vectors of harmful organisms to human, animal and plants, and minimize the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.

The Non Flammable Aircraft Insecticide™ (NFAI™) range comes with different actives (Permethrin, D-Phenothrin, 1R-Trans Phenothrin), allowing for the completion of all currently recommended methods and procedures for aircraft disinsection : the Pre-Embarkation, Pre-Departure, Cargo-Holds, and the On-Arrival ones.

With 30, 40, 60 and 100g formats and single-shot & muti-shot actuators, NFAI™ range currently offers the largest available range of sizes to comply with the WHO recommendations, and address all aircraft configurations, optimize the release of biocide, and reduce the wastage, while facilitating the spraying operation.

NFAI-Phenothrin™ has been the first 1R-Trans-Phenothrin aerosol insecticide for aviation use approved in Europe (March 2019). This Market Authorization pursuant to the EU no. 528/2012 regulation illustrates our expertise and leadership in the sector and the control of the vectors of transmission and biohazard in accordance with the IATA and WHO exigencies and recommendations.

PSA and Callington are an advisory panel member and part of the working group for World Health Organization in reviewing aircraft disinsection policies and procedures globally.

NFAI-Phenothrin (D)
NFAI-Phenothrin (T)