Hand Soaps

ALIZÉ™ latest generation foaming hand soap, specifically formulated focusing on key safety and environmental aspects, brings unrivalled freshness and softness to your passengers, and the best formula and packaging to the environment.

A formula free from molecules and extracts whose cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, allergenicity, carcinogenic and endocrine-disruption effects are now suspected or recognized, and free from those which are non-biodegradable or with overly slow biodegradability and which impact aquatic organisms.

ALIZÉ™ range includes various formats of bottles, with screw or flat bottom, available in recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials, and an exclusive range of 2-in-1 systems combining the best of ALIZÉ™ soap with effective air refreshing and deodorizing.

ALIZÉ Foaming Hand Soap
ALIZÉ Foaming Hand Soap for Refill
ALIZÉ 2-in-1 SLIDER Foaming Hand Soap
ALIZÉ 2-in-1 POD Foaming Hand Soap
DELUX’AIR Liquid Hand Soap
DELUX’AIR Liquid Hand Soap for refill