Fast Acting Absorbent Powder

  • Fast acting formula – providing an easy clean up.
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic materials – safe in aircrafts.
  • Soaks up vomit, blood, urine, and other spills on hard surfaces.

Aircraft Absorbent Granules are ideal in the event of an emergency clean-up of vomit, urine, red wine, oils in an aircraft during mid-flight. Absorbent Granules can be used in conjunction with our Emergency Cleaning Kit or Universal Precaution Kit ; these granules can absorb up to 100 times their own volume in liquid (10g absorbs up to 1 litre), allowing for a quick and easy clean up.

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1.To avoid any contamination risk, put gloves, protective apron

and mask on.

2.Tear open the contents and sprinkle powder over spilled area.

3.Allow time for the fluids to absorb into gel like form.

4.Pick up gelled liquid using a scoop, deposit directly into a biohazard bag.

5.Clean remaining area with Ki-ose 325 or Fresh+Clean 4-in-1.

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CodeProduct Units/carton
4967/01010g sachet800