Addtional survival kits with water & Sugar, designed for the survival of up to 20 persons for 48h

  • 100% polyester fabric coated with PVC impregnated with flame retardant on both sides.
  • Watertight.
  • Yellow highly visible.
  • Black zip closure.
  • External ink marking: Description/Manufacturer/Reference.
  • 2 x 25 mm wide handles on the front and the side.
  • One 1 m strap with snap clasp.
  • Watertight label in a window with: Contents, name of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, expiry date for each item, reference and weight.
  • Shelf life : 5 years.

Aircraft survival kit compliant with: Regulation EASA1/800/b/2 AIR OPS chapter AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.285 and Regulatory AMC OPS 1.830 (b) (2)

To be placed in the doors or under the cabin crew seats beside the fire extinguisher.

3 available models : for B747/777/787-A330/340, for A380 and for A350/B787.

Watertight, fire-resistant bag ; Canvas with excellent robustness over time and which can be completely free-standing (smooth with good mechanical resistance).

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° Kit compliant with Regulation EASA1/800/b/2

° Kit Compliant with Regulatory AMC OPS 1.830 (b) (2)

° Kit case: LAC 650 SL yellow, fire-resistant (FAR/JAR 25-853 & FAR/JAR 25-855) – see Appendix No. 1 Test Report No. LYC-11-3820 dated 18/07/2011.

° Strap: Yellow, fire-resistant (FAR/CS 25.853 APP.F, PART I, LAST ISSUE) – see Appendix No. 2 Test Report No. TAS 13-014 dated 11/09/2013.

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CodeProductDimensions (cm)
AR0006037KIT UNIVERSEL A330.340.777.74734 x 13 x 100
AR000603KIT A38026 x 18 x 10
AR0006567KIT A350/B78731 x 14 x 12