Premium Aircraft Cabin Ambiance Perfume

  • Non-flammable aircraft approved aerosol.
  • Suitable for use in confined cabin spaces such as aircraft cabins, lounges, and other transports like buses, trains, boats.
  • Perfectly dry spay. Long lasting effect.
  • Elaborated fragrances ; create a pleasantly scented environment.
  • Practical 100ml format that can be stored in galley & toilet draws.
  • Recyclable cap and aluminium can.

L’Envolée n°108 is available in 2 standard fragrances:

Tutti-Frutti: fruity scent (sweet, pear, peach)

Caribbean: amber scent (spicy, jasmine)

Other existing fragrances upon request, like Eau de Cédrat, Jibe or Take-Off. L’Envolée n°108 can be developed to a specific fragrance to match customer request, culture and company olfactive image.

Not for sale or use within the EU. For compliance with the latest European Regulations on fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions (F-Gas – EU No. 517/2014), please ask for our L’Envolée n°108 Compressé, propelled by extra low GWP gas HFO1234ze (GWP <1).

L’Envolée n°108 is an aircraft approved air freshener aerosol with subtle fragrances and specially formulated for use on board, in aircraft cabins. L’Envolée n°108 is available in various fragrances, including the renowned Caribbean one, and is a non-flammable aerosol, propelled by HFC134a gas. With a dry spray and an easy to use aerosol can, L’Envolée n°108 has been designed to create a pleasantly scented ambiance, bringing the best possible experience to passengers when boarding aircrafts and during their flights, with a long lasting effect.

Specially formulated for use on board, in aircraft cabins.

Shake well before use

Spray the perfume in the volume to be treated at the rate of 1 second of spray per 20m3

° Non flammable

° Airbus CML 11GBA2

Shelf life: 3 years

Product CodeFragranceFormatUnits/cartonCarton weight (Kg)
AR0000161Caribbean100ml aerosol507.5
AR0000149Tutti-Frutti100ml aerosol507.5