Dispersable paper protection for toilet seats

  • Oval-shaped white sheet
  • Biodegradable paper
  • For all types of toilets
  • Dimensions of toilet seat cover: 43.5 cm x 36.8 cm

The Seat Cover is a single use, dispersible, paper protection for toilet seats, used to ensure hygiene for each user when sitting on the toilet seat.

Made of paper, the Seat Cover disintegrates completely in the water or blue liquid of the water tank.

Boxes of 125 toilet seat covers.

Carton of 40 boxes.

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Position the sheet on the toilet seat.

The low hanging pre-cut tab-shaped part allows for the seat cover to be pulled away by the flush of the toilets.

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Weight of toilet seat cover: 2.21g

Dimensions of the box: 26 cm x 19.5 cm x 2.6 cm

Weight of the box: 325g

CodeProductUnits/boxUnits/cartonCarton weight (Kg)Carton dimensions (cm)
AR0004326Toilet seat covers1255000 (40 boxes)18.545 x 40 x 27