MROLine™ Blower

Dust remover and surface dryer

  • Blower for dust removing and drying of surfaces.
  • Non-flammable aerosol.
  • Colourless and odorless gas.
  • Does not affect materials.
  • Aerosol propellent complying with the EU regulations on fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions. Low global warming potential (<1).
  • Recyclable Cap and 3-piece steel can.

MROLine™ Blower is an aerosol especially designed to clean dusty surfaces by blowing them. Completely dry, it will not alter the materials. MROLine™ Blower can be used in various fields, on electronic devices and circuit boards, on optical systems, small mechanisms etc.

Thanks to its extension tube, even the most difficult places are accessible. Can also be used to dry a surface by repelling traces of water.

Formulated for the removing of dust or of traces of water.

1. Press briefly few times on the actuator and spray as needed.

2. The extension tube allows you to reach tight places.

Warning, never shake during use.

Putting the aerosol upside down makes it a powerful cooler (Can cool up to -40°C – risk of cold burns).

° Non Flammable aerosol

Propellant: HFO 1234ze

Flammable: Non flammable aerosol

Shelf-life: 5 years

Product CodeFormatUnits/cartonCarton weight (kg)Carton dimensions (cm)
AR0000048500 mL126.327 x 21 x 23