Concentrated petrol octane booster for better performance

  • Increases the engine power.
  • Increases RON by up to 7 units.
  • Increases peak performance and acceleration.
  • Prevents damage to engine from detonation.

ROX® Octane SuperBoost is a concentrated octane booster capable of increasing the octane rating of petrol. It delivers performance increases in two stroke and four stroke engines and reduces pinging or detonation in engines using petrol of any type.

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One bottle of ROX® Octane SuperBoost is enough to treat 60 Litres of petrol.

Add one bottle of ROX® Octane SuperBoost to a half full tank of petrol and fill up the tank with petrol.

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Appearance colour : Brown coloured liquid

Density : 0.88 +/- 0.01

Transparency : Clear