Removes contaminant deposits, prolongs life of the new oil.

  • Removes engine sludge.
  • Reduces fresh oil contaminants.
  • Frees sticky valves and hydraulic lifters.
  • Will not harm oil seals or gaskets.
  • Cleans the engine internally.
  • Frees piston rings and restores engine compression.
  • Extends life of new oil.
  • Improves engine efficiency.

The general use and operation of today’s petrol and diesel driven engines produce by-products such as varnish, acids, resins and water. Today’s engines are also designed to help protect our environment by containing pollutants that previously were released to the atmosphere, these pollutants are recirculated within the engine. Today, lubricating oils need to work harder to maintain the cleaning and suspension of all these additional contaminants. When these by-products become too concentrated to be held in suspension, deposits form on the engine’s surfaces. When heat generated from the engine’s normal operation combines with the deposits a sludge is formed, this sludge build-up can cause significant damage to the engine’s internal surfaces.

ROX® Pro Engine Flush removes contaminant deposits from the internal surfaces, which cause damage to camshafts, pistons, bearings and crankshafts. It provides a clean environment to protect new oil from immediate contamination. This prolongs the life of the detergent, anti-oxidant and dispersant additives in the new oil.

The use of ROX® Pro Engine Flush at every oil change will extend engine life and enhance performance.

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° Ensure the engine is not running, add contents (300mL) to crankcase.

° Idle engine for 5 to 15 minutes, turn engine off and drain crankcase while oil is still hot.

° Replace oil plug, install new filter, and add new oil.

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Appearance: Brown liquid with petroleum odour, does not mix with water.

Transparency: Clear

Density at 20oC: 0.81 ± 0.01