Compliant Emergency Precaution Kit for Aircrafts

  • Conforms to both IATA & ICAO recommendations.
  • Instructional leaflet included.
  • Non-hazardous & aircraft approved selected items.
  • Designed for single use application.
  • Packed in tamper proof plastic packaging for added security.
  • Sold by the unit.
  • Content:

Ki-ose spray (30ml)

Face/eye mask (combined)

Long sleeve protective apron

Skin wipes

Disposable nitrile gloves

Absorbent granules

Absorbent cloth

Scoop and scraper

Bio-hazard waste bag (with tie)

Instructional leaflet

The Universal Precaution Kit is a versatile aircraft inflight cleaning kit, which readily supports the cleaning procedures for flight crew. The kit consists of an effective bactericidal cleaner (Ki-ose), face/eye mask, long sleeve protective apron, disposable wipes, gloves, absorbent granules, absorbent cloth, plastic scoop and bio-hazard waste bag.

For all aircrafts.

See leaflet inside Universal Precaution Kit

Our UPK complies with IATA and ICAO recommendations for emergency precaution kits for aircrafts:

° IATA Medical Manual February 2018 (11th Edition)

° ICAO Manual of Civil Aviation Medicine 2012 (3rd Edition) – Annex 6 Operations of Aircraft

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4852/PREKITUniversal Precaution Kit (UPK) 1 (sold by the unit)