Mobile Disinfectant Sprayer for the Decontamination of Surfaces

  • Lightweight and compact with long-life, powerful turbine.
  • Connect and Disinfect system.
  • Interchange gun front end to refill quickly and clean.
  • Smaller needle gives a finer atomization perfect for spraying disinfection.
  • Fully adjustable flow dial for precision spraying.
  • Spray jet can be adjusted horizontally or vertically.
  • New disinfection front end sprays an average particle size of 25µm.
  • Solution cup – 800mL non-topple capacity cup to disinfect up to 200m² with one filling.

W400 DISINFECTANT SPRAYER is an electrical spraying machine conceived to treat surfaces by spraying a thin and homogenous mist with the high efficacy disinfectant cleaner KI-OSE. It was designed to meet the needs of most demanding professionals. W400 DISINFECTANT SPRAYER W400 allows a quick disinfection of areas.

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Its recommended to use W400 DISINFECTANT SPRAYER with KI-OSE range of disefectant cleaner.

To ensure the efficacy of the disinfection, all surfaces must be totally homogeneously covered with KI-OSE ready to use solution with a rate between 4 and 6 mL/m². The flow rate can be setted with the adjusting screw on the trigger according to working speed.

Ki-ose disinfectant cleaner available in various formats, from 1L to 20L. Ask for Technical Data Sheet.

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Weight: 1.7 kg

Flow rate: Fully adjustable, 0 to 180 mL/min

Atomization power: 110 Watts

Power consumption: 460 Watts

Tank capacity: 800 mL

CodeProductElectrical Plug TypeUnits/cartonCarton weight (Kg)Carton dimensions (cm)
AR0006619Disinfectant Sprayer W400Type F12.331 x 28 x 19