Premium Plasma Water Table Treatment

  • Controls and kills bacteria, removes and controls mould growth in the fluid table.
  • It stabilizes and/or lifts pH.
  • Stabilizes and boosts fluid rust and corrosion protection to machine tool and part.
  • Gentle on machine surface paint.
  • Greatly extends fluid life.

Plasma Table Treatment is a high-performance, customised fluid for use in plasma water tables. It is mineral oil free and low foam. It absorbs nitrous oxide, controls and reduces fluid odour.

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Plasma Table Treatment is added to fluid table at 5-10%

Recommended Refractormeter Reading: >=2.5

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Concentrate Test Method Typical Result

Appearance Visual Light Green Fluid

Density at 20oC DIN 51757 / ASTM D1298 1.00


Appearance Visual Clear Hazy Fluid

ph5% DIN 51361 / ASTM E70-97 -9.0 +/- 0.3

Product CodePackaging
7712/425 litres
7712/5120 litres