Stainless Steel Pickling Solution

  • Conforms to ASTM a380 standard practices.
  • Quick acting.
  • Ease of application when passivating small parts, making it easy to reach all areas.
  • One step treatment – no mixing required.
  • Completely water rinseable.

Steel Bright Liquid is an effective stainless steel pickling solution. It is used to remove weld scale or rust and brighten stainless steels. Steel Bright Liquid leaves the stainless steel looking perfectly clean, for a professional finish.

Refer to Technical Data Sheet for detailed instructions

1. Ensure surface to be treated is free of oil and grease as contaminants will reduce the effectiveness of the Steel Bright Clean.

2. Apply Steel Bright by dip immersion, wiping or spraying using a non-atomising acid resistant pump.

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Boiling Range: Not Available

Specific Gravity: Not Available

Water Solubility: Miscible

pH (as supplied): < 1

Appearance & Colour: Clear colourless acidic liquid.

Odour: Pungent acidic odour

1110/5120 litresEach
1110/64200 litresEach