CH087 Exterior Cleaner

Heavy Duty Economical Concentrated Aircraft Exterior Cleaner

  • Alkaline water based non-flammable cleaner.
  • Multi-tested aircraft approved solution.
  • Designed to give optimum brightness, cleaning, degreasing of all painted and unpainted surfaces and components.
  • Can be applied with multiple application methods.
  • Non-streaking, non-staining.
  • Contains no Ammonia or Phosphates.
  • Concentrated formulation (1:1 to 1:100)
  • Recyclable packaging

CH087 is an alkaline water-based concentrate, designed to give optimum brightness, cleaning and degreasing of all painted and unpainted surfaces and components. CH087 has been formulated to the most current, and most stringent aircraft specifications regulating corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. Removes effectively surface soil, grime, carbon, exhaust deposits, petroleum and synthetic oil deposits from all surfaces, top and bottom, wheelwells, and small parts.

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General Wet wash for Exterior Surfaces:

1.Dilution prior to use as recommended below as per method of application:

Method 1: Hand Scrubbing : Using soft bristle brushes or scouring pads, dilute 1-part CH087 with 4-10 parts water.

Method 2: Foaming: Using a foam applicator, dilute 1-part CH087 with 4-5 parts water.

Method 3: High Pressure Spraying: Using high pressure spray equipment such as Graco Hydroclean equivalent, dilute 1-part CH087 with 50 to 100 parts of water.

2.Apply the diluted CH087 on the surfaces with a clean cloth, mop brush, pad, or spray equipment.

3.Allow the product to penetrate the soil. For heavy soling spread and agitate the product over the surface.

4.Rinse with preferably a free-flowing stream of water or a high pressure washer, starting from top and then working downwards.

Note: Extra Heavy-Duty Cleaning : For difficult to clean oily areas or where carbon or exhaust deposits are ingrained, landing gear and wheel wells, dilute 1-part CH087 with 1–4 parts water or 1-part CH087 to 3-5 parts solvent. Brush or spray on, agitate and spray off.

General Dry Wash for Exterior Surfaces:

1.Dilute 1 part of CH087 with 8-10 parts of water.

2.Apply in smooth continuous strokes over the surface in sections, with a clean cloth, mop, brush, pad, or spray equipment. For heavy soiling spread and agitate the product over the surface.

3.Leave to penetrate the soil.

4.While the product is still wet, remove it completely by wiping with a clean microfiber/soft cotton cloth. Replace cloth before it becomes saturated with soil.

5.Repeat process if section is not clean, then continue to next section.

° AMS 1526

° AMS1530

° AMS 1550

° Boeing BSS 7432

° Boeing D6-7127

° Douglas CSD No. 1 Type

pH: 12.0 ± 0.5

Cloud Point: 7°C

Appearance: Yellow color liquid

2520/425L jerrycan4
2520/5120L jerrycanEach
2520/64200 Litres drumEach