Aircraft Approved Safety Solvent

  • Non-toxic properties.
  • Low evaporation rate allows for a greater coverage rate on application.
  • Removes tough grease, oils and tars from metals and painted surfaces.
  • Biodegradable formulation.
  • Recyclable steel packaging.

Citra-Safe® is a safe industrial solvent, produced from non-petroleum distillation and is far safer to work with than chlorinated/petroleum solvents such as MEK, III Trichloroethane, Xylene and Toluene.

Citra-Safe® exhibits non-toxic properties and has no threshold limit values or permissible exposure level limits imposed upon its usage in the workplace; it has no carcinogenic properties and does not contain any hazardous components as defined in the latest United States O.S.H.A. regulations 29 CFR 1910.

Citra-Safe® is a biodegradable solvent and can be used to replace mineral spirits, thinners, and chlorinated solvents. The use of Citra-Safe® reduces the risk of hazardous chemical spills, eliminates most hazardous waste disposal costs, and eliminates health hazards associated with petroleum solvents. The absence of any petroleum hydrocarbons in Citra-Safe® allows disposal after ‘soil’ release into satisfactorily operating effluent treatment plants subject to local government approval.

Citra-Safe® has been successfully used as a replacement for many dangerous solvents including III Trichloroethane, M.E.K, Acetone, Stoddard solvent, Mineral Spirit, Perchloroethylene, Xylene, Toluene, Freon and many other flammable or toxic solvents.

Citra-Safe® removes tough greases, oils, tars and other contaminates from metals, painted surfaces, ceramic, fibreglass, and many plastics. It is also effective in removing some glues, and resins, and can be used to remove oil-based stains from carpets and upholstery. Its ability to evaporate totally after use makes Citra-Safe® an ideal replacement for hazardous chlorinated solvents in cleaning electrical parts and apparatus. Its ability to safely clean polyethylene grease and “Icky Pic” from flooded telephone cables.

Due to its slow evaporation rate, it is not necessary to use as much Citra-Safe® when using chlorinated solvents. Citra-Safe® is used straight from the can and can be wiped on with a clean rag, brushed or sprayed. To decrease the drying time of the product it is suggested a fan or compressed air can be used to allow airflow over the surface being cleaned. Citra-Safe® may cause certain air rubber to swell. Citra-Safe® will also attack styrene’s and some forms of plastic. Please check prior to using.

Citra-Safe® has many applications in the aerospace and defence industries and is approved under the following Specifications:


]BAC 5504 cleaning prior to sealing in fuel cells

° BAC 5000 cleaning prior to general cleaning.

° BAC 5750 general solvent cleaning


° DPM 638


° SIL Number 20-006- replace 1,1,1, replace Trichloroethane and Methyl Ethyl Ketone for general cleaning task.


° 180-9 General Solvent Cleaning.


° RB0210-028 cleaning fluid, low vapour pressure aliphatic.


° ATL 2310-0624-01 Replace 1,1,1 Trichloroethane for general solvent cleaning.

° ATL 2301-0625-01 Replace Freon 1113/IPA blend for cleaning crystal lattices.


° N53316LM.


° T.O. 1C-135-2-5-2 Cleaning prior to sealing in fuel cells KC13

° T.O. 1-1-8 Application and Removal of Organic Coatings, Aerospace and Non-Aerospace equipment.


° Military Specification MIL-C-81964A Avionic Cleaner


° TB 43-0135 Recommended substitutes for ozone depleting substances used on communications – electronic equipment.

Appearance: Clear liquid

Specific Gravity: 0.84 – 0.85

Flash Point: 51° (PMCC)

Toxicity: Non-Toxic

Electrical Strength: 250 kV (250,000 volts)

Drying time: Similar to water

Residue after Evaporation: Nil

Effect on Metal: Nil

Storage: 2 years shelf life

5100/395L metallic jerrycan4
5100/5120L metallic drumEach
5100/64200L metallic drumEach