AEROGLAZE Exterior Cleaner & Polish

Dry Wash Aircraft Cleaner & Polish

  • Safe to use on all aircraft exterior surfaces.
  • Does not cause any abrasive damage on painted or unpainted surfaces.
  • Ease of application and removal in all weather conditions, including 100% humidity.
  • Acts as a demister in cold temperatures preventing fogging and/or misting of exterior surfaces leaving a shiny appearance.
  • Easily removes surface soil and contamination.
  • Protects aircraft surface against oxidation.
  • Formulated to give optimum brightness and protection.
  • Biodegradable Formulation.
  • Recyclable packaging.

Aeroglaze is a dry wash aircraft cleaner and polish, with a new and improved formula allowing it to clean, polish, protect and deoxidise painted and unpainted aircraft surfaces. Aeroglaze works more efficiently and faster, producing significant savings in labour, while providing the ultimate superior appearance. It can be used for whole aircraft exterior cleaning where a superior, cleaner, shinier appearance is required. Suitable for use where temperatures are cold and traditional exterior cleaners cannot be used due to freezing, or where water cannot be used because of strict effluent (pollution) concerns.

Approximately 5m2 per litre

For fuselage cleaning this equates to using about 66 gallons (250 litres) for a Boeing 747 and 60 gallons (230 litres) for an Airbus A300-600.

1.For best results, wash and dry the aircraft prior to applying polish.

2.Apply Aeroglaze neat by rag, pad or mop head and wipe onto a cool surface, out of direct sunlight.

3.Clean and polish the surfaces by a circular motion over a four-foot (1.2M) area.

4.Allow to dry and then polish off with a dry soft cloth.

5.Change the dirty cloth regularly for better results.

° Douglas CSD 1 – Type V

° Boeing D6-17487

° AMS 1650

Appearance: Off white opaque highly viscous

Liquid Odour: Characteristic solvent odour

pH: 9.5 ± 0.5

Stability in storage: Freezes at – 10⁰C. Product can be used in sub-zero temperatures

2700/301L bottle6
2700/5120L jerrycanEach
2700/64200L drumEach