GW -1 Fluorescent Magnetic Particle

  • GW -1 Fluorescent Magnetic Particle.

GLO-NETIC is GW-1 fluorescent magnetic oxide suspended in a highly refined light petroleum oil. The suspension responds to magnetic leakage fields created by discontinuities in ferromagnetic material. Particles rapidly collect at leakage fields producing fluorescent indications under ultraviolet light.

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1. Clean the test surface and allow it to dry.

2. Ensure continuous agitation of the suspension. If using an aerosol, shake vigorously before and during inspection.

3. Magnetise the area to be inspected.

4. Apply the suspension to the test part at a distance of approximately 150mm from the surface.

5. Allow the excess oil/water to run off the inspection area.

6. Inspect the surface under ultraviolet light.

7. Collections of GW-1 particles will reveal discontinuities at the leakage fields.

8. Clean and repeat the process, changing the orientation of the magnetising direction.

• MIL-STD-1949

• MIL-STD-271(SH)

• NAVSEA 2501-1500-1

• ASTM E 709

• ASTM B & PV Code – Section V

• AMS 3044

• AMS 3045

• AMS 3161

• AMS 2641

• DOD-F-87935

Colour: Colourless Liquid

Volatility: 100%

Odour: low petroleum smell

Boiling Point: 160ºC

Specific Gravity: 0.77

1530/400400ml Aerosol
1530/423.8 litres (1 gallon)
1530/5118.9 litres (5 gallons)
1530/64208 litres (55 gallons)