DUBL-CHEK Red Underwater No.1

Underwater Magnetic Oxide Particles

  • Underwater Magnetic Oxide Particles.

Underwater No. 1 is red particles pre-mixed with a powdered Wetting Agent for use in underwater inspection. The particles are used with visible light, black light, and blue light. The particles are large for better enhancement of large weld discontinuities. Designed to be used for a variety of underwater inspections, including offshore structural welds, pipeline inspection and ship husbandry.

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Underwater No. 1 is to be added at a concentration of 15 grams/litre of water. The preparation may vary due to customer practice and specific application. The storage reservoir should have mechanical or air agitation to help keep the particles in suspension.

It is recommended that adequate particle concentration for the specific application be checked by use of a magnetic field indicator or by observation of the particles applied to a magnetisation device (i.e., electromagnet yoke leg).

When these particles are used in a saltwater environment, a fresh batch solution should be made daily to prevent corrosion of the particles.

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Particle Colour: Fluorescent Red / Red

Specific Gravity: 0.9 g/ml

Particle Size: 8.4 µm (average 1.2µm)

Temperature limit: 0°C to 49°C

1554/2LBS1 kg
1554/12LBS5.5kg (1.7 gallons)