Magnetic Particle Fluid

  • Magnetic Particle Fluid.

MPF is highly refined light petroleum oil media. The fluid has been formulated to increase the particle agitation when mixed in suspensions with Black Oxide No.1 or GW-1. To be used in the Magnetic Particle inspection wet method, it has high clarity, no fluorescence or odour.

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Refer to Black Oxide No.1 and GW-1 Technical Data Sheets for mixing instructions.

1. Clean the test surface and allow it to dry.

2. Apply DUBL-CHEK CP-2 for background contrast, if required.

3. Fill the magnetic particle tank or container to the proper level with MPF and start to agitate the fluid. Add the pre-measured amount of magnetic particles to the agitated fluid. The mixture should be agitated for 15 minutes before measuring the concentration.

4. Ensure continuous agitation of the suspension during inspection.

5. Magnetise the area to be inspected.

6. Apply the suspension to the test part at a distance of approximately 150mm from the surface.

7. Allow the excess oil to run off the inspection area.

8. Inspect the surface under visible or ultraviolet light.

9. Collections of particles will reveal discontinuities at the leakage fields.

10. Clean and repeat the process; changing the orientation of the magnetising direction.

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Particle Colour: Clear

Viscosity: 2.64 cSt ± 5% (ASTM D445 @ 37.8°C±1°C

Fluorescence: None

Boiling Point: 232°C (450°F)

Flash Point: 98°C (210°F)

Specific Gravity: 0.81g/ml

1491/423.8 litres (1 gallon)
1491/5118.9 litres (5 gallons)
1491/64208 litres (55 gallons)