Residual insecticide effective on flying and crawling insects

  • Emulsifiable concentrated product (50% Permethrin).
  • Highly effective, non-flammable, aircraft approved insecticide.
  • Complies with WHO recommendations for aircraft disinsection residual treatment of cabin and holds.
  • Complies with EU BPR N°528/2012.
  • Dilutes in water. Cost effective.
  • Effective on other crawling insects incl. bedbugs.
  • Non-staining ; Easy to apply.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Calculated and Compensated Carbon Footprint.

EMULDRY 50 Plus is an emulsifiable insecticide concentrated, World Health Organisation (WHO) compliant, residual aircraft insecticide designed to be diluted with water before spraying in the aircraft.

EMULDRY 50 Plus complies with most Quarantine and Health Authorities, worldwide. It is ideal for all aircraft on international and domestic routes. EMULDRY 50 Plus is effective also on other crawlings insects, including bed-bugs.

EMULDRY 50 Plus conforms with the European Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR).

• For optimal treatment*, open all the doors. Open and empty the lockers, cupboards and storage units. Close curtains and window blinds. Remove any protective carpet covers if present.

• Turn off the air-conditioning system.

• Spray the diluted product as follows:

° 25mL/m2 on the carpets to achieve a 0,5g/m2 deposit

°10mL/m2 on the other interior surfaces to achieve a 0,2g/m2 deposit.

To treat aircraft cabins and holds, the quantities are:

. BOEING 747B: 25 litres of emulsion at 2%

. BOEING 737: 7 litres of emulsion at 2%

. DOUGLAS DC10: 16 litres of emulsion at 2%

. AIRBUS A300: 10 litres of emulsion at 2%

. AIRBUS A310: 9 litres of emulsion at 2%

• Allow for drying time, from 45 min to 1h (depending upon the temperature and humidity level in the cabin).

*Intensifying or increasing the frequency of cleaning/disinfecting surface areas may compromise the effectiveness of a residual insecticide. Localized aerosol top-up treatment may be necessary, or more frequent residual treatment.

Concentrated formula is diluted in water to obtained a solution with 2% Permethrin.

1 litre of concentrate + 24 litres of water make 25 litres of the ready to use product.

0,4 litre of concentrate + 9,6 litres of water make 10 litres of the ready to use product.

For a better homogenization of quantities exceeding 10 liters, a pre-emulsification is recommended. The dilution water temperature should be between 20 and 40°C.

See TDS for more details.

° AMS 1450

° BSS 7434

° Air France FITS 58-048-01

° Product type 18 – As part of EU Biocidal Products Regulation N°528/2012

Appearance: Liquid, yellow to brown

Odour: Characteristic, Geraniol

Active ingredients: Permethrin 25/75 (N° CAS 52645-53-1), Geraniol (N° CAS 106-24-1)

Flammability: Non-flammable

Shelf life: 2 years

Product CodePackagingUnits/cartonCO2/units (EXW Paris)
AR00065361L dosing bottle10159.61Kg