MROLine™ Cleaning Foam

Foam for cleaning of plastics and metals

  • Easy to use very effective cleaner ; remove stubborn dirt and traces.
  • Clings to vertical surfaces, does not flow.
  • Suitable for cleaning of plastic surfaces, and even of metals.
  • Water base formulation.
  • Flammable aerosol. No perfume ; Neutral odor.
  • Aerosol propellent complying with EU regulations on fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions. Low global warming potential (1).
  • Recyclable PP cap & 3-piece steel can.

MROLine™ Cleaning Foam is an aerosol especially designed for the cleaning of polar and organic soils. MROLine™ Cleaning Foam is a water-based detergent formulation that is sprayed as a foam on the surfaces to clean them easily and remove dirt and traces.

Special formulation that clings to surfaces, allowing it to be used and effective even on vertical surfaces. MROLine™ Cleaning Foam is efficient on many surfaces as plastics, elastomers and polymers, and even on metals.

MROLine™ Cleaning Foam is adapted for the cleaning of various surfaces, even vertical ones, thanks to it adherent foam which will not flow.

Efficient on many surfaces as plastics, elastomers and polymers, and even on metals.

1. Shake vigorously the aerosol before use.

2. Spray the product at 20cm from the surfaces to be cleaned.

3. Let few seconds for the product to penetrate and dissolve the dirt.

4. Wipe off in circular motions with a soft and clean cloth. Repeat the operation if necessary. Excess of product should be wiped off.

5. Do not spray on or nearby live electronic devices. Turn off any electrical apparatus or device before using this product on them. Wait 5 minutes before switching them back on.

° Air France FITS 52-206-06

Active ingredient: Water base cleaning solution

Propellent gas: Butane – Propane

pH of solution: 11,5 +/- 0,5

Flammability: Extremely flammable aerosol

Shelf life: 5 years

Product CodeFormatUnits/cartonCarton weight (kg)Carton dimensions (cm)
AR0006483500mL127.127 x 20 x24