Non-flammable aircraft approved insecticide for crawling insects

  • Specially designed to effectively destroy crawling insects.
  • Non-flammable aircraft approved formulation.
  • Slow release active, providing long lasting effect over time.
  • Applied “upside down” to target the areas to be treated.
  • One-shot diffuser for easy application.
  • Very low global warming effect HFO 1234ze propellent (GWP <1), compliant with European regulation N° 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases.
  • Recyclable steel 3 piece can.
  • Calculated and Compensated Carbon Footprint.

KILBLAT™ HFO is a non-flammable aircraft approved insecticide used during line maintenance to eliminate cockroaches and other crawling insects on board. KILBLAT™ HFO is particularly suitable for treating aircraft cabins, holds, galleys, cupboards and all exposed areas. KILBLAT™ HFO aerosol is propelled with an very low warming effect HFO 1234ze propellent (GWP<1).

One KILBLAT™ HFO 250ml aerosol can treat up to 25m² of surface (10 à 12g/m²).

• Wet locations and presence of food are favorable conditions for cockroach development.

• In order to obtain maximum efficiency, it is necessary to carry out a deep cleaning of the aircraft prior to applying KILBLAT™ HFO.

• All bins must be empty and taken out of the aircraft.

• No food is to be present on board during the treatment.

• Only skilled staff carrying out the treatment should be on board.

1) Start the treatment from the side furthest from the open exit door.

2) Do not forget rails, spaces behind trolleys and trolley wheels.

3) Shake can well before use.

4)Hold the spray “upside down”.


– Single-shot continued spraying:

Press hard on the actuator until it locks.

The spray will be continuous until the can is depleted.

-Multi-shot spraying:

Press slightly on the tab without locking it. Release to stop spraying.

Use KILBLAT™ HFO at a distance between 20 and 30cm away from the surface to be sprayed.

Spray the surfaces to be treated in a grid pattern, insisting on the places frequented by insects (damp areas or where there is food).

6) One KILBLAT™ HFO 250ml aerosol can treat up to 25m² of surface (10 à 12g/m²).

7) When applying KILBLAT™ HFO for the first time, or in a case of an infestation, the procedure must be repeated 3 times, with 2 week interval : 2 to 3 weeks : d0, d15 and d30.

8) KILBLAT™ HFO can then be applied every 2 to 3 month for maintenance.

° AMS1450

° Boeing D6-7127

° Airbus CML 11ACB1

° Air France FITS 58-042-01

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Product codeProductUnits/cartonCO2/unit (EXW Paris)
AR0006572KILBLAT HFO 250ml Aerosol120.76Kg
AR0000046KILBLAT HFO 400ml Aerosol121.22Kg