MROLine™ Label Remover

Label Remover

  • Non-abrasive formulation, safe for surfaces (metal, paints, plastics).
  • Avoid long and tedious cleaning.
  • Aerosol propellent complying with the EU regulations on fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions. Low global warming potential (3).
  • Recyclable PP cap and 3-piece Steel can.

MROLine™ Label Remover is an easy to use aerosol especially designed to effortless remove from surfaces all labels and old sticky traces of adhesives from labels. MROLine™ Label Remover can be used on many surfaces, painted or unpainted metals, plastics (exc. polycarbonates and poly-acrylates), glass, etc.

Formulated to easily remove from surfaces all labels and old sticky traces of adhesives from labels.

Note: MRO Line™ – Label Remover 500ml aerosol is replacing our product previously known under the commercial name ‘Process Line – Décolle Etiquette’ (ref. AR0000090). It is the same base formula, with the same efficacy and intended use.

1. To be used on dry surfaces.

2. Spray the product at about 5cm from the surface of the label or on adhesive traces. Let act for a few seconds, then remove the label by peeling it and/or the traces with a smooth clooth. Repeat the operation if the label is hard to remove.

3. For thick labels, scratch or cut into the label surfaces, to allow the product to come in contact more directly with the glue.

4. The product should be used and stored away from open flame or other ignition source or working electric devices.

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Active substance: Hydrocarbon mixture

Propellent: Butane – 2.5 bars

VOC: 990 g/L

Flammable: Extremely flammable aerosol

Shelf-life: 5 years

Product CodeFormatUnits/cartonCarton Weight (kg)Carton dimensions (cm)
AR0000039500mL125.628 x 21 x 26