New mobile concept for the Decontamination of Surfaces by Air Path

  • Treatment of surfaces through diffusion of microdroplets:

Homogeneous dry fog.

Semi-automatised for reduced downtime.

Optimized consumption of product.

Proven efficacy of the machine/product coupled.

Complies with EN 17272 for Airborne Surface Disinfection when used with Netbiokem DSAM or Ki-ose for Disinfection.

Easy to use, robust, compact and solid :

Available model with 115V / 400Hz Aircraft plug.

Easy to use setup and monitoring screen.

Delayed start & automatic stop.

Designed for operators safety.

Install the delivered product directly into the back of the machine.

  • Equipment: 53x24x53cm
  • Weight: 7Kg

DAF-3000 is an automatised machine designed to treat surfaces by air path, throught controlled diffusion of microdroplets. It was designed to meet the needs of most demanding professionals in the transport sector (aviation, railway, ships, buses). DAF-3000 is used to disinfect, disinsect or treat malodors as an homogeneous dry fog. DAF-3000 does not needs any operator during the treatment.

Specifically designed to meet the specific constraints and needs of the medical, hotel, food industry and transport sectors such as aviation, railway, ships, roads (Buses).

The DAF 3000 allows 3 different applications:

1. Disinfection up to 250m3 (bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and myco-bactericidal).

Use with Netbiokem DSAM or Ki-ose RTU disinfectant cleaners.

2. Disinsection up to 450m3 (flying and crawling insects).

Use with Emuldry 50 Plus or Airez remanent insecticides.

3. Odor elimination up to 450m3 (organic odor, food, animals).

Use with Aero Odor Eliminator.

1. Clean the room up prior to treatment taking place.

2. Cover any fire alarms and smoke detection systems until the fogging process is complete.

3. Turn all fans and air ventilation systems to off, or as low as possible until the fogging process is complete.

4. Close all external openings (doors and windows) and seal any gaps under & around doors.

5. Open closets and drawers that require treatment.

6. Place the device on a clean and dry surface at a height of 50 cm to 1 m depending on the height of the space to be treated.

7. Install the device near a door and near an electrical outlet.

8. Direct the nozzle (2) towards the centre of the room, with no obstacle within 2 meters. If the room is equipped with and air ventilation circuit, place the device opposite the air suction system.

9. Install and connect the Netbiokem DSAM+ inside the machine.

10. Select the required treatment: Disinsection, Disinfection or odor treatment.

11. Enter the volume to be treated in m3 and press the START button.

12. Exit the room and close the doors. Automatic startup after 45 seconds.

13. Do not enter the room for at least 30minutes after misting has been completed.

14. Start ventilation or aerate the room before entering.

See user manual for more details

NATO NSN codes:

DAF-3000 220V/50hz (EU) 8125-14-5994674 (1 DAF-3000 EU plug F type)

DAF-3000 115V/60hz (US) 8125-14-5994983 (1 DAF-3000 US plug)

DAF-3000 220V/400hz (Aircraft) 8125-14-5994951 (1 DAF-3000 Aircraft plug)

Rinsing Solution for DAF-3000 6840-14-5995151 (1 carton : 6 x 2L jerrycan + 6 x 10 wipes)

Nozzle Kit for DAF-3000 4730-14-5994981 (1 kit for yearly change of the suction nozzle)

Weight: 6.3 kg

Power: 1000 Watts

Flow rate depending on product: 18 to 27ml/min

Product loading: 2 liter drum

Internal material : tube in polyethylene and Inox 316L

External material: polystyrene resin (ABS)

The warranty terms are detailed in the user manual.

CodeProduct & Plug Type
AR0006128DAF 3000 – 220 V / 50 Hz EU Plug – Type F
AR0006127DAF 3000 – 115 V / 400 Hz Aircraft plug – Type A
AR0005956DAF 3000 – 115 V / 60 Hz US plug – Type A
AR0006461DAF 3000 – 220 V / 50 Hz AUS Plug – Type I
AR0006605DAF 3000 – 220 V / 50 Hz UK Plug – Type G
AR0006142Succion kit for all models