Aircraft Toilet Pipe and Tank Descaling Cleaner

  • Biodegradable fast acting formulation.
  • Removes scale from aircraft toilet systems safely and effectively through periodic flushing.
  • Eliminates substantial scale deposit and prevent scale buildup.
  • Thickened and with enhanced clinging on vertical surfaces.
  • Safe on polycarbonate, rubber, sealant, tape, as well as most plastics and paints.
  • Active : Sulphamic Acid.
  • Biodegradable formulation.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Calculated Carbon Footprint.

During normal daily use aircraft, toilets carry solid and liquid wastes, resulting in the formation of limescale, calcium and other deposits throughout the system. Unblock-S has been specially formulated to address these accumulations and aid in the upkeep of a fully operational toilet system, thereby substantially diminishing the risk of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) incidents caused by waste line blockages.

Suitable for both vacuum and re-circulating toilets.

It is powerful enough for deep soaks during engineering checks and can also be used diluted in a regular cleaning cycle.

Note: Crushed ice is not required to improve Unblock-S.

Frequency of treatment will depend upon waste line conditions, scheduling and requirements for each airline.

For routine / regular Preventative Maintenance we recommend treating at intervals of at least two weeks for all aircraft types. 1 litre of product per toilet is recommended for narrow-bodied aircraft and 2 litre per toilet for wide-bodied aircraft.


Vacuum toilet systems.

1. Start the cleaning process at the most forward lavatory by putting the required quantity (1 or 2 litres) of Unblock-S down each toilet.

2. Flush the toilet as many times as required (generally twice) to remove the product from the toilet bowl and disperse the Unblock-S into the pipe system.

3. Complete this procedure for all toilets on the aircraft.

4. Results will be improved the longer the product stays in the waste line. No additional flushing should be required until the next passenger’s use of the lavatory, as Unblock-S is safe for long term exposure.

5. Drain and service the waste tank after all the toilets have been treated

Re-circulating toilets systems: Use Unblock-S at 1:1 dilution (50%) with clean water.

1. Make sure that lavatory holding tanks have been emptied and flushed with clean water to remove any waste contamination.

2. Charge the waste tank with Unblock-S diluted 1:1 with water until level with the flapper valve.

3. Complete this procedure for all toilets of the aircraft.

4. Allow cleaning solution to remain in the system as long as possible (generally around 7 to 8 hours) and periodically flush at hourly intervals to re-circulate the cleaner.

5. When the cleaning operation is complete, drain and rinse holding tanks with clean water or lavatory deodorant Bioclean 360 before adding a fresh batch of Bioclean 360 lavatory deodorant.


Vacuum Toilet Systems:

1. Pre-treat by pouring 1 litre of toilet deodorant such as Bioclean 360 diluted at 1:99 (1%) into each toilet and flush to minimize the malodour from the vacuum lines.

2. Unblock-S can be used in conjunction with the Recirculation Cleaning Tool/Equipment operated by the Airlines/MROs during heavy maintenance check

3. Charge the chemical into the aircraft vacuum waste lines in accordance with the instructions of the User’s Manual of the Cleaning Tool/Equipment to achieve maximum performance.

4. At the end of the cleaning process, discharge the used chemical and dispose of it in accordance to the local regulatory requirements for chemical disposal. For more information consult the product SDS.

° AMS 1640

° BSS 7432

Appearance: Pink (EU) or light blue liquid (ROW)

Density at 20°C: 1.036 – 1.044 g/mL

pH: 1 – 2

Odour: Characteristic

Product CodeNameFormatUnits/cartonCarton weight (Kg)CO2/unit (EXW Paris)
5120/33UNBLOCK-S2L bottle1020.5Coming soon