Toilet Flushing Deodoriser Fluid

  • Neutralises and eliminates bad odours in aircraft toilets.
  • Suitable for both recycled and vacuum flush systems.
  • 100mL standard bottle sufficient for one toilet treatment.
  • Compatible with ‘blue’ deodorant and treatment products.
  • Recyclable packaging

Lav’Odor Eliminator is a ready to use liquid for routine turn-around toilet maintenance which neutralises and eliminates unpleasant smells effectively. Poured in the toilet, it stops odours caused by bacteria, mould, or other organic causes. Gently perfumed, it leaves a pleasant, non-obtrusive odour.

Neutralises and removes backflow odours from retention tanks. It is used for water recycling or vacuum toilets. Compatible with the “blue” water treatment products such as Bioclean 360, while still increasing their effectiveness.

Leaves the toilets and the cabin with a pleasant unscented environment and atmosphere, for the passenger and crew comfort.

Open the ready-to-use 100ml bottle and pour the contents into the toilet bowl.

Flush and allow the product to act.

° AMS 1476

° Boeing D6-17487

° Air France FITS 58-061-01

Appearance: Colourless Liquid

Packaging: 100mL transparent PET bottle

Shelf life: 3 years.

Product codePackagingUnits/carton
AR0000127100ml Flip-top bottle24