A Safe Cleaner for Gold Plate & Metal Surfaces

  • Cleaner for gold plated and metal surfaces.
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable formulation making it safe for the cabin crew.
  • Water based and biodegradable pH balanced formula.
  • Removes dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints easily.
  • Enhances gold plated items in the aircraft cabin.

Callington GoldSafe is an aqueous, non-toxic formula designed to bring out the true beauty and lustre of gold without it in any way eroding or damaging the gold plating. When gold-plated items are cleaned with GoldSafe it leaves a perfectly clean bright lustre of shine, without any traces of any residue.

Specially designed for all gold-plated items on board the aircrafts, such as doorknobs, taps, seat arm rests etc.

Lightly spray the item to be cleaned with GoldSafe. Then wipe the item with a soft velvet like cloth to achieve a bright clean finish.

° Boeing D6-7127

Density @ 20°C: 0.997g/ml – 1.00g/ml ± 0.02

Appearance: Water clear Liquid

Transparency: Clear

pH (100%): 7.1

9050/25500ml spray bottle12