Rinsing solution for DAF-3000 Automatized Sprayer

  • Ready-to-use formulation.
  • 2L bottles perfectly adapted to fit within the DAF-3000.
  • One 2L bottle for 30 rinses.
  • Non-toxic formulation; Safe for user.
  • Suitable for use in food preparation areas.
  • Comes with practical compressed wipes.

Rinsing solution specifically developed for the cleaning of the DAF-3000 fogging machine. Formulation ensures perfect after use cleaning and preserves the proper functioning of the equipment.

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Rinsing solution is to be used at the end of each working day with DAF-3000.

Remove active ingredient bottle from the DAF3000 and wipe the dip tube.

Install Rinsing Solution bottle and connect it to the DAF-3000 with the dip tube.

Follow instruction of the DAF-3000 for rinsing:

“R” to be pressed to initiate rinsing of the DAF-3000

The rinsing operation time is normally 2’30″

At the end of the rinsing operation, remove the bottle and wipe the dip tube.

Reminder: Do not store or transport the DAF-3000 with a bottle in it, connected or not with the dip tube.

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Liquid product:

Appearance: Colourless liquid

Density: 1.0g/ml+-0.1

pH: 6.0 – 7.0

Shelf life: 24 months


100% viscose 60g/m2

60 x 35 mm.

CodeProductUnits/cartonCarton weight (Kg)Carton dimension (cm)
AR0005847 Rinsing Solution for DAF-30006 x 2L bottles of Rinsing Solution & 6 x rolls of 10 compressed wipes14.027 x 28 x 28